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HS Düsseldorf PBSA and PUC Rio de Janeiro

Collaboration with Svenja Huth, Camilla Rodriguez, Ayse Dümen,

In order to free the female body from the outside oppressions it suffered throughout history and still do, this dress aims to challenge the limits of the body and the social tabus.

As a kaleidoscope, it reflects and refracts objects and lights from its surroundings, being quite impossible to acknowledge it completely. It doesn’t allow certainties. And its uncertainties are centered in the female body it dresses. The body has a point of view. And it’s this empowered, free, woman’s body that tells her surrounding space’s story.

Stating with a corset, that represents the imprisonment of the body in order to generate uncomfortable and idealizes shapes, the dress grows into an agglomeration of hexagonal pyramids in three distinct materials. Based on designs by Rei Kawakubo, Commed des Garçon founder, we question the body shape accepted as »female«, which hypersexualizes us. Therefore, we work on a geometry that is self organized, following small initial parameters. The growing process may have no end and take the whole space, symbolizing that the female voice and growth has no limits, but its power is still shut by society.

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